Lilly's Spanking Blog, Stories and Thoughts

Here are my thoughts, feelings, stories, and perhaps some pictures too of my love of spanking.

So visit her often as I regularly update my Lilly's spanking Blog with new experiences.

Rubbing Shoulders with the Famous!

Hello everyone, sorry it has been a while since my last blog but my pretty little feet have just ‘not touched the ground’ recently. Finally, as things are returning to normal, whatever the new normal is, I thought I would share a session with one of my more select clients. Before we start and for…

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Lillys Spanking Blog August 2020 from Sensuous Escapes Spanking Services London

Taking Turns Spanking is Only Fair.

Hello everyone, the weather is beautiful, and I am so excited to be back meeting my clients, being naughty and taking every excuse to dress up in my very sexiest lingerie. When you couple this with the excitement of being able to escape for a few hours into my other world, you can see why…

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Sensuous Escapes Spanking Services a Slip that eaned a Spanking

Lilly’s July Hand Spanking Fantasy

Hello everyone, it is going to be amazing with everything re-opening and life slowly, and hopefully, becoming more normal. Anyway, I am so looking forward to being a little bit naughty and getting back to my double life. Yes, I think it is safe to say that I am probably addicted to my other life…

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A Day in the Life of Lilly 6

Hello, everyone, it is Lilly, back again with another Day in my Life. It is great news about the current lockdown restrictions being lifted slowly and safely, soon we can start having some well-deserved fun again! Anyway, so last weekend I was asked by a client to visit him at his beautiful Manor House. This…

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A Day in the Life of Lilly 5

Hello everybody, just giving you another of my weekly updates. As everyone who has been following my blog will know, I have been videoing some of my sexiest dance moves and posting them on YouTube in support of our NHS Heroes. So, after my usual morning shot of espresso and a Yoga stretch out, I…

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A Day in the Life of Lilly 4

Hello everyone, well, over the weekend, I have been dancing and training, practicing a very sexy provocative dance routine to video and post on YouTube, to raise money for the NHS, our heroes. So today, after my usual Espresso coffee, it is music on and an hour of dance practice to some rather chilled hip-hop…

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A Day in the Life of Lilly 3.

Hello everyone, another beautiful day, so in the last few days I have been using the time to keep fit and have been practicing my ballet to some funky beats from the ‘Ministry of Sound’. A final stretch to cool down and keep supple so I can bend and hold all those sexy positions. Off…

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A day in the life of Lilly 2

For those who read my previous blog, you will know that I like to start my day with a shot of freshly made Espresso and a great work out at the gym with my personal trainer. Knowing the client that I was due to see, I made sure that I was beautifully dressed in a…

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A day in the life of Lilly.

I wanted to share one of my typical days with you. More often than not, my day starts with a shot of freshly made Espresso coffee, yummy, and then straight off to the gym for a session with my personal trainer. This is an hour of literally pumping and grinding to keep myself in great…

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Being Spanked Naturally from Sensuous Escapes Spanking Services London

The Natural Spankee – Being Spanked Naturally

Dear Readers this is where you will soon find blogs and diary stories of me being spanked naturally, as well as being paddled, tawsed and slippered. Not forgetting, those moments when my knickers are down, bending over, anxiously awaiting the cane. As a taster, this very popular picture of me has a story of its…

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