Dressing for a Spanking

Hello Diary and sorry it’s been a while since my last entry.

So far, in the pandemic, I have been blessed to be able to still see my regular clientele, by being careful, looking after each other and following a strict cleaning and testing regime so we could continue to have some spanking fun but in a very safe way.

In the last couple of weeks, in addition to have been playing with one of my regular clients, I have also been in demand for some photoshoots around a stately home. Rest assured, as soon as these have been released I will add these to my website gallery for everyone to see. I do enjoy these shoots and the attention that goes with it, but they are long days, mostly hair and make-up changes, but always worth the effort when you see the end product.

Recently I arranged to see one of my favourite people and do a session. The lady client always sends me an email the day before, detailing what we will be doing. As, by her nature, she is very definite on what she likes, everything that I am to wear and how I am to be dressing for a spanking, all of it is bought by her in preparation.

So the session started like this. We met at her place in Hampstead at around 2.00pm and chat and relax over coffee and snacks. When she is ready, I am sent into her dressing room to shower and put on the underwear and clothes that she has bought for me. So this time it was Coco de Mer lingerie and a beautiful Ralph Lauren black dress teamed with my Prada Shoes. Just as I had finished dressing Chloe, my client, came in to inspect and was impressed with the way everything fitted me perfectly.

As she loved candles, the room was set with flickering light and the mood was set ready for our session. Initially I was bent over her knee and hand spanked over my dress, we then moved to the bed and as she used a leather paddle on my rear I felt like I was in a trance. Finally I was asked to remove my clothes ready to be punished in my lingerie, starting again with a hand spanking and then onto the leather paddle. As it is approaching Valentines Day, she bought me a special gift, a remote control vibrator. You can imagine how much fun this was with her in control of the vibrator, while I squirmed in delight under the leather strap.

Well I do not have to tell you what happened next. I had a wonderfil few hours, a sore bottom, and felt perfectly relaxed after my ‘therapy’.

I very much look forward to it being one of you next, so pick up the phone or text me.

As it is soon Valentines Day I have something special for you – use Voucher Code – Valentines5 – to purchase one of my professionally taken photos for £5.00


Lilly. x

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