A Sudden Snag

I’ve been staying at my friend’s Cotswold farm for a while now enjoying the solitude and peace and quiet. However, this was shattered yesterday when I was awakened by the sound of heavy machinery in the neighbouring field. Slowly getting up I drew the back the curtains to see two combine harvesters working in tandem cutting the wheat. With a third tractor towing a trailer being filled from one or either of these magnificent machines.

I became enthralled and my fascination made me completely forget that not only do I sleep naked, but that I had not yet picked up anything to wear. I continued watching them for about 30 minutes, my inherent exhibitionism hoping that perhaps one of these farmers had seen me. Shortly I vacated this vantage point as my stomach rumbled to let me know that breakfast was needed. A coffee, croissant and a shower later I was walking out into the warm sun dressed in bottom-hugging shorts and a flimsy top.

As I walked around the farm I found myself at the wheat field where the harvest was in full swing. Curiosity had the better of me and I climbed up onto a fence to sit and enjoy the view. Unfortunately, the fence was not in a good state of repair and with something digging into my rear, I shortly decided to climb down and continue my walk. Then disaster. As I slid forward the nail that I inadvertently sat on caught in my shorts and left me hanging. With my feet not quite on the floor I soon realised that I could not free myself. Some frantic waving and shouting later I attracted the attention of the driver of one of the combine harvesters.

He climbed out of the cab and, as he headed towards me I noted, with some pleasure that he was in great shape, beads of sweat glistening on his tanned face and shoulders. Once he was close enough to see the predicament I was in, a smile played across his lips. “those shorts will have to come off” he said then proceeded to lift me, with little effort, free of my troublesome garment. While moving downwards against his body he must have felt my hardening nipples and at the same time, I noted his hardening excitement.

“You should be more careful” he said reddening my now very exposed bottom with a hard slap. Well, this got my juices flowing. He slapped me a few more times, the stinging effect driving me crazy. Before I lost control completely I decided that he needed some of my personal attention “My turn” I said as I removed his shirt and slowly pulled his shorts down. With a push, he submitted to me and laid face down on the grass at the edge of the field. I started to run my long fingernails along his back and across his buttocks whilst administering some playful, but serious spanking. Waiting between slaps for him to catch his breath I ran my fingers up the inside of his legs to his throbbing member where a very gentle touch had him straining for more.

I was so wrapped up in teasing my new playmate to distraction that I failed to notice his mate sneak up behind me, completely naked and possibly even more excited than the lad now laying underneath me.

Join me next time for the lurid details of what happened next.