Hammock Adventure

Laying on my back in a generous hammock I pondered the adventure ahead. It was the middle of June on my friend’s Cotswold farm. The smell of Jasmine and Honeysuckle filled the warm air and the only sound was the bees buzzing around the flower beds.

The silence was suddenly broken by the throaty roar of an approaching car. Sure enough, my client had arrived, right on time, in his gleaming red Ferrari. As he got out of the car I was instantly aroused looking at his toned muscular torso. He walked purposely toward me carrying a Celine bag. Without saying a word he lifted me off the hammock and removed my flimsy dress.

As is my habit, I wore no underwear and so, gazing at my naked body, and without saying a word, he took a black silk bodysuit from the bag he brought with him and started to dress me. The bodysuit was two sizes too small and after great difficulty he managed to fit me into it. Needless to say, I was bursting out all over. With a gentle press on my back, he bent me forward over the hammock and started to warm my bottom with a very sensuous spanking. This had quite an effect on me and it was obvious he was becoming very excited.

Now it was my turn. I lifted myself off the hammock and, taking my time, removed his clothes and lay him face down on the hammock. I administered a few stinging slaps across his bare buttocks. He moaned loudly as I continued for a minute or more alternating hard spanks, soft slaps, and gentle rubs. Then, when I knew he was ready, I lay down under the hammock and ran my fingers across his very erect Penis. To tease him more I spread my legs and started enjoying the sensations brought about with my hand and the grass slightly prickling at my warm bum. He tried to touch me but I lay just out of his reach. More fondling and stroking soon had the desired effect on him. From where I lay, I looked up and noticed my friend standing nearby with her jeans undone reaching for an orgasm, obviously taking delight from the scene taking place before her. Not wanting to be left out my body and my mind worked together and the fact that we were being watched made me orgasm noisily. Soon my client, again without speaking, arose dressed and zoomed off in his car.

Have you a fantasy you would like to live out, I certainly have dozens. Lilly x.