Secretarial Services

As a secretary, I have worked for my boss for just over three years now. He’s always been upbeat, but just lately his mood has changed. He’s become withdrawn and lost in deep thought most of the time. After a stupidly busy week, this particular Friday I decided that what I needed was a drink at the local pub and to wind down for the weekend. To my surprise I saw Andrew, my boss sitting alone in one of the snug little alcoves that lined one of the walls of the pub, a hold over from 1800 and something when this was the meeting place of some conspirators or other, history is not one of my strengths.

A rather brusque “can I help you” from the person behind the bar brought me back to the here and now and I ordered my usual Vodka and Tonic a double, and why not? then ventured over and sat on the bench seat that ran around the table. He was so engrossed in thought that at first he hardly noticed me. When he looked up a broad smile lit up his face but then I noticed that he was not looking at me but was staring at my bra-less breasts pressing against the silk of my blouse. With an almost imperceptible shake of his head he forced himself to look up at my face with a look of embarrassment which faded as soon as he realised that I was not upset, moreover, I had leant forward slightly to further tighten my blouse against my breasts making the erect nipples very visible.

This almost took him over the edge and he became so distracted that he knocked the remainder of his drink into his lap. I slid along the bench seat and, leaning over him, used the napkin that came with my drink to mop up the liquid. Obviously my, admittedly deliberate, rhythmic rubbing and gentle squeezing led to his breath, that I could feel in my ear, becoming urgent and regular. Eventually, he could not resist any longer as he gently but firmly moved me so that he could passionately kiss me. It was like an electric shock surging through my body as I grabbed his hand and pushed it under my skirt at the same time I increased the speed of my stroking and squeezing of his now, very erect manhood.

The tiny part of my mind that was still focused on where we were, hoped that, in this fairly dimly lit alcove, we would just look like a couple having a passionate kiss. Just as I thought this the suppressed exhibitionist part of my sexual make up, the little bit that we all have, became inflamed and took me over the edge. The feeling of rapid breathing on my face meant that it was not just me reaching a shattering orgasm. As we finished together both of us desperately hoping that the music and general chatter covered our muffled moans.

Unconsciously moving my hair back from my face and straightening my skirt, I finished my drink and, picking up my bag, without a word left. Monday morning should be interesting.