Stormy Weather Benefits

Since living on the farm I seem to be always on the go, taking care of one thing or another. I think this is why, considering how many times I have walked past the small, mysterious barn that, up until today, I had never venture inside.

On this particular day, a thunderstorm rolled across the countryside so, out of pure curiosity, I chose to seek shelter in this small barn. As I stood inside a large lightning flash illuminated the interior and, just for that split second, I saw a young man crouching in the corner. My first instincts were to flee closely followed by annoyance at someone trespassing on the farm. I was about to remonstrate with him when it became evident that he was neither, in fact, he was terrified of the storm and physically jumped and shivered whenever there was a roll of thunder or a flash of lightning.

As soon as he saw me illuminated in the doorway he ran over to me and hugged me so hard I could hardly breathe. I returned the hug and his hot breath on my neck started my mind thinking how I could take his mind off the storm. I ran my hand down his back which arched in pleasure.

As I did so he bit on my ear and moaned with excitement. Loosening his hold, his hands ran across my breasts hardening my nipples as he went. This proved too much for me and as I cried in pleasure he began pulling my flimsy top over my head. His mouth and tongue devoured my erect nipples and as l lay back across an old workbench he quickly went to work and soon I was completely naked. He wasted no time in exploring every inch of my naked flesh with a skill far beyond his tender years. A massive clap of thunder drowned my screams of passion as I had the most incredible orgasm. A flash of lightning gave me the chance to push him onto the bench and start my own exploration. Removing his clothes I returned the compliment with my mouth and tongue, biting and sucking as I moved over him.

When the next clap of thunder arrived there was another explosion on the bench as he reached the peak of pleasure. We both lay breathing in tandem as the storm passed.

As I dressed to leave I wondered if he was ever afraid of lightning again? And I made a note to look at the weather forecast for the next big storm.