Spanking Fun – On the Right Side of the Law

Spanking Fun on the Right Side of the Law.

Hello everyone!

From my diary this month – It is a wonderful time to be on the right side of the law.

Just recently my secret life has become beautifully complicated in a good way, as my private world collided wonderfully with everyday relationships.

I have a beautiful client who, as she works in criminal law, will remain anonymous. Her work is pretty full-on but to relax, when she has the time, she likes nothing more than booking me for a few hours spanking fun. Given that this is her main escape, she has spent a lot of her hard-earned money on the most beautiful implements from leather whips and crops to paddles and canes. While using these on me, instead of being a punishment, it becomes one long, beautiful pleasure.

Last week and out of the blue, she contacted me for another one of our sessions, but this time she asked if it was possible to bring a girlfriend with me. Luckily enough in my vanilla life, I do have a very good friend who loved to be spanked as well. So I had to share a little of my other life as well as spend the next few hours playing with my girlfriend. I have to say that it was pretty exciting for both my client to watch us play together and for me to know I was being watched.

We started off hand spanking each other and then after a period we would take turns to be on the receiving end. My girlfriend, although quite new to this was enjoying the attention and the frisson of seeing a client together. Like me, she is a professional model and super fun and my client loved watching the two of us get off together. To be honest, everyone was loving it, a few hours removed from the stresses of normal life ending in a beautiful orgasm.

Looking back on this it is clear it is not just the fun of the session, but also the adrenaline rush. Even now weeks later I find myself being turned on when I think about the two of us getting off together being watched by an attractive woman.

Just think this could be you, with me having some spanking fun, in a future upcoming session!

Can’t wait to hear from you. I am waiting in anticipation for your call.

Love Lilly x

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