Summer Spanking and Lovin’….

Dear Diary,

Yes, this is my new and entirely wonderful diary, as I wanted to be able to remember some of my real-life adventures as well as some of my own fantasies.

I love this time of year with its, sometimes, hot and sunny days and long evenings and it was during a photoshoot a few days ago where we used this beautiful, late evening light as a backdrop.

Summer Spanking and Lovin... from Sensuous Escape spanking services.

We were by a beautiful lake, designed to be reminiscent of a classic 18th century garden by Capability Brown. In the distance, you could just see the beautiful Georgian house and the grounds afforded vistas filled with stunning trees and lakes. During the shoot, we used several outfits each to reflect the various backdrops that the grounds afforded. It must have been a few hours, but it seemed like only moments, as I was really enjoying being creative and close to nature.

I was working with a friend of mine Sienna, who helped with changing between shots and making sure that my hair and make-up were perfect. During the shoot, we discussed what our plans were for the evening and perhaps a little summer spanking. The photographer, who was carrying a lot of heavy equipment around, was becoming exhausted so decided, at the end of the shoot, to retire to his suite and make a start on editing the images.

As the light faded finally, we returned to the Manor House and undressed ready to take a nice warm bubble bath together, pausing only to order champagne and nibbles from room service, which arrived shortly after we had put on our silk bathrobes. Sooner than we thought, we were naked and had made it as far as hand spanking each other, before both of us had our needs met! It was absolutely heavenly – the setting, a four-poster bed, and the special atmosphere, along with us feeling quite merry, and shortly after we fell asleep in each other arms.

So this was just a snapshot of my life as a model on a photoshoot and some Summer Spanking.

I hope to hear from you and to be able to share my experiences with you this summer.

Do not be shy and pick up the phone.

Love to hear from you.

Lilly x

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