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In this time of uncertainty, I wanted to spare a few minutes to wish you all the best of health. Don’t worry about booking anything fun for now, there’ll be plenty of time for that when the world has been mended again.

Please feel free to contact me on 07508 836970 if you have any questions ( non Coronavirus related ).

Listen to the experts advice, and stay safe!

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Use the contact form or CLICK HERE to request access to my private gallery, which I will send back to you via email, so make sure that this is correct.


4 months ago
Photos from Sensuous Escapes's post

Hello everyone, great to be back sharing my diaries with you! And my goodness hasn’t the weather been fantastic, it is so great to be able to wear some sexy, skimpy summer dresses.

I have been a ... See more

5 months ago

Hello, everyone, it is Lilly, back again with another Day in my Life.

It is great news about the current lockdown restrictions being lifted slowly and safely, soon we can start having some ... See more