Spanking New Sessions

Hello everyone, at last spring is on the way and with most of the restrictions being lifted we can all come out to play!

As we can now meet safely, I am taking bookings for sessions. Over the past few weeks, I have not been idle, keeping up with my exercising and dancing, as well as photo sessions, some of which I will be sharing on my website. All the while feeling extremely turned on at the thought of enjoying my naughty double life again.

Recently, it has been my girlfriend and I meeting at least twice a week, to make use of the leather toys that I have been given by generous clients. So, with warmer weather on the way, I am looking forward to being able to wear my sexy, floaty, spring clothes and having my bottom warmed as well. After a very long two years, this sounds very exciting indeed.

Maybe when you read this and feel the need to be out and about and ready to enjoy some mind-blowing spanking new sessions for a few hours, all finished off with a lovely, slow sensuous massage at the end, then I am your girl. I simply cannot wait. It has just been too long.

For our spanking new sessions, we can add in a sexy scenario of your choice, perhaps I can be a naughty wife who has overspent on your credit card by purchasing sexy lingerie, a mis-spelling secretary who has cost you money through a misplaced decimal point, or perhaps a wilful niece who went to a nightclub when she was explicitly told not to!

Sessions only take place after we have spoken, informally by phone, which can be arranged via text for a mutually convenient time if you wish.

I await your call.

Love Lilly. x

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