Forest Spanking Fantasy

A Forest Spanking Fantasy from Sensuous Escapes

Hello everyone,

Over the recent, long weekend, I decided to take some time out for myself to recharge my ‘batteries’ and went for a lovely walk and a picnic in the nearby woods. For my day, and bringing out my naughty side, I chose a beautiful yellow Ralph Lauren dress but went without knickers.

Suitably dressed and pampered, I packed my picnic along with a couple of the steamier Jane Austen’s to pass the time. I love being in nature and in a while found a lovely clearing in the trees, perfect to lay down my blanket, start on my picnic, and relax.

After a while, my mind wandered and, possibly led by the book I had been reading, fantasised about a chance meeting with a beautiful woman. In my mind, she walked by my little picnic and, drawn in by the ideal location, came over to say hello. After a while, we were chatting about this and that, when she must have noted my lack of underwear and decided that I was perhaps not a prude. Before long, our conversation had turned to our love lives and with a flush of excitement, I let slip that later that same afternoon, I was due to travel on the underground in a coat with only underwear underneath to receive a good spanking. OMG, she whispered and then was keen to find out from me how exciting my double life is and how I became active in the scene. It was clear that she was excited about the idea of being spanked and so we exchanged numbers, perhaps we will meet again at this little clearing in the woods for a forest spanking fantasy?

I came back from my fantasy and made ready to leave as I did, actually, have to head off on the tube and become someone’s perfect submissive again!

If you feel like giving yourself a special present and living out your fantasy, please feel free to text or call me and we can discuss all the things you would like to do.

To book a session we must speak on the phone first on 07508 836970, ideally after 10 am but, if I miss you, please send a text with a time that we can talk and discuss our future meeting. Please be aware that if I am in the gym or on a photoshoot, I will reply as soon as possible, but please note that same-day bookings are not possible for me as my diary is usually full.

I look forward to chatting and seeing you soon.

Love Lilly x

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