A Conservatory Spanking

A Conservatory Spanking from Sensuous Escapes Spanking Services

Hello everyone, and Happy Easter to you all.

Over the past few weeks, I have been living my dual life, which I have always described as a sliding door existence. On one side is everything that people consider as ‘normal’ and every day, on the other I live out my fantasies in real life. Sadly, not many people are able to carry this off, which is a shame.

The sessions that I have with my friends and clients are always cool, fun, sexy, and relaxing, given that we have a chat beforehand to decide what we want to do and agree on where we want to do it. Whether it is in and around Hampstead, Central London, or a venue chosen by my clients, it is actually the anticipation that brings the greatest excitement.

Just last week I went to a friend’s house near Eton, my excitement building as I made ready the outfit we had decided upon, as well as the toys we planned to use. I have been a lucky girl and over time have been bought as presents, or treated myself, to a number of leather implements so that I now have a large variety to choose from.

On this occasion we decided to have a conservatory spanking session – with the sun streaming in through the windows it was so beautiful. All of a sudden, she brings out a Hitachi magic wand, and wow, the fun I had with that was incredible. We need to keep things clean on here so have to leave the rest to your imagination.  Suffice it to say, we had a few hours spanking each other, interspersed with lots of sensual rubs. Once we were both completely naked, with the sun glistening off our bodies, we used some of the leather paddles that I brought with me and had a great conservatory spanking, taking a break over a cold glass of champagne, we carried on, eventually ending with a lovely full body massage.

My sessions are always a ‘time-out’ from your hectic modern life, a bit of escapism and I make sure that, at the end, you go away on a real high. I would like to think that all of my clients gain something really special from our sessions – a complete and discreet couple of hours to actually have some erotic, fun therapy. It is important to me that we enjoy ourselves and you do not feel rushed.

If you feel like giving yourself a really special present and live out your fantasy like our conservatory spanking, please feel free to text or call me and we can discuss all the things you would like to do.

To book a session we must speak on the phone first on 07508 836970, ideally after 10 am but, if I miss you, please send a text with a time that we can talk and discuss our future meeting. Please be aware that if I am in the gym or on a photoshoot, I will reply as soon as possible, but please note that same-day bookings are not possible for me as my diary is usually pretty full.

I look forward to chatting and seeing you soon.

Love Lilly x

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