Spanking Bliss this Christmas

Spanking Bliss this Christmas from Sensuous Escapes

Hello Diary

Yes, Christmas is approaching – again the season to be merry will soon be here, time to meet up with family and friends and, of course, for me to slip away for a few hours of spanking bliss with my ‘other’ life.

Next week I plan to visit my favourite bar in Hampstead to meet a friend that shares my passion for spanking and have a glass or two of mulled wine and perhaps a mince pie, although not too many as I must watch my figure! After that, we are due to meet one of my favourite clients as he wanted a special trio session. So let us talk logistics. My stunning girlfriend has come down to stay with me for a few back-to-back days with our regular and selected clientele and perhaps, just a little personal time together.

Anyway, back to the trio session with today’s client. We start with snacks and chats and then, once we are all relaxed, we can start to follow the script that he has pre-written for us.

After slowly and seductively undressing each other, we begin with hand spanking each other while he watches and once he is happy, we are to present our beautiful bottoms to him to make sure they are displaying the right colour. Next, he blindfolds us with black silk and he will very strictly and slowly punish us using leather paddles and floggers, making sure that we are going to have very sore bottoms indeed. These Christmas, spanking bliss sessions are highly sexually charged and after our favourite body lotion is applied to our beautiful bottoms, we celebrate with some champagne and gifts afterwards.

Christmas sessions are the best and with people taking breaks leading up to the big day, we have several sessions coming up every week. Maybe, if you are feeling the need to live out your fantasy, you could give me a call and it could just be your best Christmas ever.

A merry Christmas and I hope to see some of you very soon.

Love Lilly. x

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