A Summer Spanking

A Summer Spanking Image from Sensuous Escapes Spanking Services

Hello everyone, so finally it is officially British Summertime and a Summer spanking, so it will soon be time to purchase some new, light, summer dresses, and being me and slightly naughty, I will not be wearing panties…

Recently I have been spending some time with my girlfriends enjoying walks on the Heath, as well as doing little summer spanking sessions outdoors together and in my other life, playing with my regular clients.

A friend of mine (that shares my passion for spanking and more) and I met for a lovely meal with a plan to go over to her beautiful house and spend some time together indulging our passion. We decided that our summer spanking session would involve us switching roles and using toys that were not necessarily just for use on the bottom alone! I do not need to tell you that after a good long spanking, the feel of a leather whip on my back is such a turn-on.

While it was my turn she used a riding crop on me – it stung, but afterward, I was nearly in heaven. My friend’s implement choices were basically leather, coming from Coco-de-Mer, and some selected hand-made items bought from various fetish markets. Working our way through a range of eight toys, after a couple of hours it was my turn to be in charge. I have been doing more and more switch sessions and it is such a turn-on to indulge my passions in this way. You can imagine how beautiful it is for me to see my friend’s bottom and the delight that she experiences.

After we had both had a good hand-spanking, plus all the floggers and paddles, not forgetting a few stripes of the cane, I gave her a full body massage, a service I am now offering as part of my standard sessions and she loved it. Down her back onto her bottom and then moving onto her front. Well, you can imagine what happened next, lots of moaning and pleasure for both of us. All I can say, is that by the end we were feeling energised and very sexy.

My session now comes with a nice long massage, after a few hours of pure escapism at the end of a beautiful spanking session, allowing my clients to chill out. To fulfill your fantasies and realise that erotic place you are searching for, I tailor my sessions to your individual requirements so I can be a naughty wife, a bad secretary, or a wilful niece.

To book a session we must speak on the phone first on 07508 836970, ideally after 10 am but, if I miss you, please send a text with a time that we can talk and discuss our future meeting. Please be aware that if I am in the gym or on a photoshoot, I will reply as soon as possible, but please note that same-day bookings are not possible for me as my diary is usually pretty full.

I look forward to chatting and seeing you soon.

Love Lilly x

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