Time flies by when you are being spanked for fun!

Well, I have been really busy recently but all in a good way, with my dancing and being in demand modeling and yes, being naughty and being spanked for fun, all in all my feet have hardly touched the ground.

Recently I awoke early, did my daily exercises, took a nice long shower, and slipped into some nice lingerie, a smart but sexy outfit, and of course, a dash of my favourite perfume before heading over to Hampstead. I really love the Belsize Park area simply because of its sophisticated atmosphere, the lovely coffee shops, and because it is where I tend to be for my sessions.

Realising I was running late for my meeting, having taken too long in the shower, I dashed to arrive perfectly on time at 3 pm and swirl into a fabulous coffee shop to meet my new client, a beautiful, elegantly dressed lady, who works in very high-end asset management.

She is seated at a table wearing a black suit, looks fantastic and everything about her just screams sophistication. So we sit and chat over coffee all about what she wants from our session, the leather whips, the floggers she wants to use when, from the corner of my eye, I noticed a couple at another table staring at us while we calmly discussed our desires.

In previous blogs, I have often spoken about how much I love having this double life and about how much it turns me on. It also helps that I am a true bi-sexual and find this woman in tune with my true desires. Maybe because I find her attractive and interesting, we spend time talking and laughing so much so that, by the time we left the coffee shop, my cheeks were aching.

Amelia, for that, is my client’s name, and I walked to her beautiful home and almost immediately we went straight to her bedroom. She wanted to start with some over the knee hand spanking which I am more than willing oblige with I love being spanked for fun. This slow build-up lasts for about 45 minutes and, needless to say, I am in heaven. At this point, she brought out her own toys all sized to fit perfectly in her slim and professional-looking briefcase. So over the next couple of hours, which actually felt like 10 minutes, we slowly go through each of her implements, and by the end, my bottom is rather sore.

At the end of our session and after she has rubbed some lovely oils into by bottom, I ask if she wanted to switch and by the look in her eye so it was her turn to be spanked for fun, this time for my enjoyment and then afterward… well I leave the rest to your imagination until my next blog.

Perhaps this could be you next time, so why not pick up the phone and give me a call. I cannot wait to meet you.

Love always.

Lilly x.

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