Taking Turns Spanking is Only Fair.

Hello everyone, the weather is beautiful, and I am so excited to be back meeting my clients, being naughty and taking every excuse to dress up in my very sexiest lingerie. When you couple this with the excitement of being able to escape for a few hours into my other world, you can see why this is such a turn on for me.

Lillys Spanking Blog August 2020 from Sensuous Escapes Spanking Services London

Recently I had an appointment with an extremely attractive young man. While relaxing at the beginning of our time together, we chatted through his wishes and desires one of which was to take turns spanking and the implements to use that really excited him before we started with the action.

Slipping into some stunning black lingerie, making sure the seams of my stockings are straight, and dabbing perfume in all the right places, I already felt on a high. Yes, I am addicted to the kick I receive from enjoying my double life! So, taking it slowly with this young and relatively inexperienced client, to start with he places me over his knee, and then between spanks I become increasingly excited with lots of beautiful rubs. As the session progresses, we move onto using some lovely leather whips, as I do love to be whipped on my back which he did beautifully. God I am in heaven. We then move onto some harder leather paddles but, being very well warmed up, I am definitely up for having some of my limits being pushed. Finally, he gives me a lovely massage and we finish with a cuddle which is really erotic and cute all at the same time.

Now taking turns spanking is one of the desires he wanted to explore he wanted to be spanked by a sexy woman, with lots of rubs, being careful not to punish him too hard given that it is his first time! When he was ready, we moved onto the softer of my implements making sure that after every few strokes I give him a lovely rub. After about an hour of this, he is in heaven and we realise that several hours have zipped past since we met, and he is desperate to book another session with me before he leaves! I guess he must have really enjoyed it. So, guys, I look forward to spending some time with you very soon!

After a great session like this followed by a nice massage, I cannot begin to tell you how naturally high I feel and, now life is going back to normal, I can live out my secret double life whenever I feel like it, which gives me a real kick. Just knowing that lots of people are doing boring mundane things rather than, in this case taking turns spanking, and I think “if you only knew what I am doing!”.

A quick note for all of you lovely people that take the time to view my website, I never do a booking by email as I need to speak to you on the phone first, the best time to call me is between 2pm and 4pm.

I really look forward to exploring your fantasies with you so why not give me a call on 07508 836970, sorry but no withheld numbers will be answered.

Thank you for taking the time to view and read all about the passions of Lilly.

Love always

Lilly. x

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