An Unplanned Riding Lesson or how a good deed led to a spanking – Part 2

Well, my patient seemed to be all working in the groin area, so I turned my back to him and bent down to check that his lower limbs and ankles were not damaged in any way. Suddenly I felt a hand caressing my rear – now what was a girl to do? Do I slap his hand away in disgust or do I allow things to develop. Well, with a mind as dirty as mine which do you think?

What started as a gentle caressing of my bottom soon became playful slaps and then moved to sharper spanks. Not content with the effect these were having through my jodhpurs, it was not long before these and my panties were pulled down and he was making hay with my bare buttocks. Soon enough I was across his lap receiving my good deed spanking and my squirming was having a dramatic effect on his level of excitement. Quicker than I would have liked he had a massive orgasm, which actually was well-timed as I heard the noises of my riding party heading back to see where I was.

Quickly dressing and covering up my cycling spanker as best as possible, I called them over. From the looks on the faces of the rest of the girls in the riding party, they were only too happy to help him onto a horse to head off and bring him back to the main road to catch a lift home.

As we set off and I remounted my steed, I once again started to notice the motion of the horse under me, and the rhythmic motion of the saddle between my legs and on my warmed buttocks. Before I knew it I was on the point of a fantastic orgasm which I held off as long as I could before riding the crest and having to bite my lip to suppress a loud scream of pleasure.

I told everyone at the stable that I now love riding, and I wonder if those riding with me know the real reason why?

You can decide what happens next, or even live out your own spanking fantasy with an ending of your dreams.

Love Lilly x