The Train Now Pulling into Paddington Station

I had just enjoyed a wonderful and relaxed session in Reading and I was now on the train back to Paddington and then onwards to home. With that lovely warm sensation radiating from my rear and that general feeling of elation caused by all the endorphins and adrenalin pulsing through my system, my thoughts which, given my nature, are usually naughty, turned to seeing if I could grab some me time if you know what I mean.

Looking around the carriage as surreptitiously as possible, with relief I could not see anyone else sharing this First Class carriage with me, so I snuggled myself down into the leather seat and delved in my handbag for my favourite vibrator. Knowing that I had at least 40 minutes of my journey left, I decided to prolong my climax for as long as possible and used the lowest setting. So now, with the gentle hum from my best friend and the rhythmic movement on the train, I was soon being transported into another world.

In my mind I imagined that, while gently bringing myself to a fantastic state of euphoria, I became aware of heavy breathing coming from the seats behind me. Desperate to look around, I forced myself to close my eyes, turning the situation into something magical. Not knowing who they were, how old, young, married or single, added a new level of frisson. Soon, I was moaning with my personal pleasure, when I felt a hand caressing my neck and shoulders before dropping down inside my top. As you know, from my previous adventures, or should that be mis-adventures, it suits the naughty side of my personality to always go without underwear, which gives my unknown caresser complete freedom to stroke my breasts and gently roll, pinch and tweak each of my nipples, until they were standing as proud and upright as a sentry outside Buckingham Palace.

Continued in Part 2

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