The Seduction of my Make Up Lady – Part 1

The Seduction of my make up lady part 1 a secret spanking from Sensuous Escapes

The Seduction of my Makeup Lady Part 1

It was the day before a model shoot at a large country house on the Kent coast and I was driving down with a make-up artist that I have worked with previously and who had an inkling that I had another life beyond modelling assignments and coffee shops. During a lull in the journey, she started to question me about my dual, sliding door existence and how I was keeping my secret spanking life separate from everything else.

Pondering on this for a moment, I decided to be open and honest with her and started to describe in detail some of my spanking adventures. At first, she seems shocked, given that this was so far removed from my publicly presented person, but as I carried on and the journey went by, I started to notice a change in her. A certain flush to her cheeks, a perceptible fidgeting in her seat and an increase in the rate of breathing – we would see if this could lead to something later.

At the hotel we were shown to our room, which had floor to ceiling doors opening onto a large lake and while I was unpacking, I noticed out of the window, the familiar face of one of my regular clients.

Call it a happy coincidence or fate, you decide but, playing a hunch about the true nature of my Make Up lady’s feelings, I motioned to my male client to come and join me in my room. Now for the next part of my plan.  I knocked on her door and she let me in wrapped only in a towel, evidently about to have a shower and, for some reason, seemed nervous and flustered when I approached her. At my suggestion, she went off to have a shower, pausing to grab her washbag which she dropped in her haste and out spilled a remote-control vibrator.

Time for some fun I thought and, while she showered, I brought my male friend into the room and hid him behind the heavy damask curtains. Enter my new girlfriend and with a stroke of her arm and a deep kiss, we were soon naked on the bed. I slowly turned her onto her front and with a strict instruction not to look, I then beckoned my male friend to join us on the bed for her secret spanking.

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