The Schoolgirl Timekeeper

Following my recent blog style, today I suggest a story that we could develop into a scenario that we could play out together:

The Schoolgirl Timekeeper

I had been late three times already this month and although it has been some time since my last punishment, I had a feeling that one will become due very shortly if I do not improve my timekeeping.

A couple of days later and I was again rushing to another class, running late as usual, but this time, when I burst into the classroom and started gushing my usual excuses, I noticed that the normal teacher must have been ill that day, as it was the Head Teacher standing in front of the desk glowering at me.

With a nod, he indicates my seat and with a curt “see me after school this afternoon” carried on with the lesson. Having taken my seat, I could not focus on what he was saying, my mind swirling with thoughts of what could happen later. Would I be told off and have to promise not to be late again or could the threat of punishment be carried through?

At the end of the school day, I was outside the Head Teacher’s door and as I nervously knocked, it was very promptly opened. I was dressed in my standard school uniform of a white button-down collar blouse, short plaid skirt, black heels without socks and my hair pulled back into a ponytail. I hoped that making the effort to comply with the school rules might score me some points and soften what was to come.

“Come in, Lilly,” he says and “close the door behind you,” before continuing “Now, Lilly, do you know why you’re here?”

I tremble and look down at my feet before answering “because of my lateness, Sir”

“That is correct” he confirms “is there something keeping you from arriving at your classes on time?”

Pausing for a moment, I decide that honesty is probably the best policy and, feeling a bit emboldened, simply stated “well sir, I feel like there is not enough time between classes for me to catch up with my friends, then go and collect my books for each class, so sometimes I run a bit late.”

He nods at me. Perhaps I have managed to make the best of this with my honest answer, but then he frowns and simply states “yes Lilly, but it is your responsibility to get to class on time, regardless of your other commitments”

“Yes Sir” I simply answer.

“Now, you’ve been late to four classes this month and I see this as an ongoing problem,” he says, “so to address this problem, you need to be punished.”

“Yes Sir,” I say, and can feel my heart pumping faster.

“Now, I’ve given you the paddle before, correct?” he asks.

“Yes Sir” I agree “and it really hurt, and I learned my lesson.”

“Well the paddle may have hurt, but this time I feel you need something a little worse as you clearly did not learn your lesson well enough”

With fear, my eyes flicked across to the coat rack that stood in the corner of his office, with its selection of canes standing in the umbrella holder at the base. And, dreading what is going to happen next, I almost miss the headteacher simply stating “yes Lilly, this time, I’m giving you the cane”

“Ye-e-es, Sir” I confirm, almost too nervous for the words to leave my mouth.

“Good,” he says “Now would you please select a cane and hand it to me and then lift your skirt and bend forward over my desk?”

You can decide what happens next, or even live out your own spanking fantasy with an ending of your dreams.

Love Lilly x