The Naughty Fruits of Nature

A Conservatory Spanking from Sensuous Escapes Spanking Services

Well, autumn is on its way and with the shortening days, we can look forward to sampling the fruits of the season both forbidden and from nature.

Near to where I live there is an orchard that I pass, in the car, when I am on the way to visit one of my best friends. On this particular day, having just seen the trees laden with fruit, it led me to recount to my friend some of my favourite childhood adventures of sneaking into such orchards and scrumping for an apple or two.

Big mistake! With a slightly naughty look in her eye, she suggested that we should absolutely go to that nearby orchard and relive my childhood. A short drive and we are standing looking over the gate and, having spied a tree that looked reasonably easy to climb and plunder, we climbed over and dashed across to our target. With some difficulty we climbed up, realising too late that we really should have worn shorts and not skirts for tree climbing. We reached the fruit and only then noticed that we were stuck on a branch and could not easily climb down.

After what seemed to be mere moments, a 4×4 pulled up a few yards from our tree and two bronzed farmhands climbed out. Trying to keep still and not draw attention to ourselves, I accidentality knocked a branch and a couple of apples dropped noisily to the ground. Looking in the direction of the noise it did not take much for them to notice two girls up a tree.

With some discussion and a lecture on property and theft, it came around finally to asking us to pay for the apples and then we were free to go. Now, having jumped in the car and then running into a field in skirts and tops, we did not have any money on us, as we had no pockets and our handbags were a few minutes away at my friend’s house! We were at an impasse. Grumbling, the farmhands went to their car and came back with a ladder to help us down and it was while we were being roughly manhandled out of the tree, that it was noticed that neither of us were wearing any underwear. Now I generally do not wear anything under my clothes, as it gives me a slight frisson of naughtiness, but I was not aware that my friend also shared my habits. It had just not come up in any of our conversations, I suppose.

The lack of underwear gave the two men an idea and, snapping some thin willow branches from a nearby tree, they suggested that we should be made to pay for our fruit in another way. We were told to bend over and pull our skirts up to receive a few strokes. There was some strange rustling behind us and, while my friend was about to receive her punishment, I stole a look behind and noticed that both of the men were bringing themselves to attention with an obvious plan to climax once we had been taught our lesson.

A few strokes and some red marks across our rears and, rather rudely, the farmhands promptly sorted themselves out and walked back to the car, carrying the ladder and chuckling to themselves. My friend and I stood up, scowled in their direction and then decided, at the same time, to rush back to her house and perhaps enjoy ourselves with some vibrating friends of our own.

I decided on that short drive to her house, that I love scrumping.

You can decide what happens next, or even live out your own spanking fantasy with an ending of your dreams.

Love Lilly x