Dear Readers this is where you will soon find accounts of me being spanked, paddled, tawsed and slippered. Not forgetting, those moments when my knickers are down, bending over, anxiously awaiting the cane.

As a taster, this very popular picture of me has a story of it’s own. It was a winter’s day with a rare snowfall. I was supposed to be having some pictures taken at a friend’s ground floor flat in Brighton. Having shot a few pics, and without thinking, I pulled open the patio doors and strode out into the snow and struck this pose. He was absolutely horrified as I was visible to all the surrounding flats. But having the presence of mind he took the shot and then yelled at me to get inside. But, dear reader, I paid the inevitable price for my indiscreet dash onto the snow. A few moments after this picture, I was back inside, wearing the same thick stockings and wool top, obediently bending over for my punishment.

But my friend doesn’t get all the fun, because you too can give me a good spanking. Just give me a call on 07508 836970  or get in touch HERE and we can plan how that bottom get’s some more discipline!