The Cheeky Driver

Following my recent blog style, today I suggest another story that we could develop into a scenario that we could play out together:

The Cheek of the Driver

In my early life, while at University, I needed to earn some money during the long summer recess, but what to do? As chance would have it, I spied an advert where a wealthy entrepreneur was looking for an occasional driver for when he was in London, women preferred. Sounded ideal so I applied, met for an interview and before I knew it, had the job that I wanted.

The system was that he would call and let me know which Airport or Heliport he was arriving at and I was to travel to the car storage building and bring whichever of his cars I felt like, to meet him. Once his business or fun was finished, I would then return the car to the storage guys for them to clean, check over and re-fuel ready for the next time.

For the first couple of weeks this worked fine and he was happy with both my punctuality and respect for his privacy, I will not mention the women who were with him that were not his wife! It did not take me long to work out that the storage guys had no clue when the cars were finished with so, in theory, I could take a little longer to return the car and have a little fun time.

This worked great until, on one trip, and thinking ahead for some fun later, I chose the Maybach limousine, mainly for the sumptuous rear passenger area that included just about every luxury feature you could think of, including a chiller with Champagne. I collected my boss from London Airport and delivered him to The Savoy, where he asked if I could collect him in the morning. Great. I called my boyfriend at the time and collected him from the tube station and drove out to a nearby common to park up and have some fun.

I will not draw a picture here but leave it to your imagination, especially given my predilection for spanking games. Several hours later I returned the car and let the guys know that I would be back to collect another car at 08:30 the next morning.

A good nights sleep later and promptly at 08:30 the next day, I am being let into the storage facility where, I suddenly noticed, my boss was stood looking extraordinarily annoyed.

“What the hell!” he shouted, “I trusted you and this is how you repay me!” Confused, I looked around and then saw being displayed on a TV on the wall, a video of the inside of his Maybach showing everything that I was up to last night in the car. A security camera?

“You have 2 choices – walk away now, or we change the conditions of your employment such that I can spank you whenever I need the release” – he seemed almost clinical now, “ so what do you choose?”

For those who know me and my slightly naughty nature, what else could I do but accept the new condition. I drove him back to the airport shortly after this in complete silence and returned the car, taking note of the knowing looks I was receiving from the people working there.

The next time he called me to collect him nothing happened. I just dropped him off at the Shard and collected him a few hours later. The time after that the same. The suspense was killing me. Had he forgotten? Was it just a threat? It was not until the 5th visit that he simply stated that I was to park the car in a particular underground carpark and follow him into the hotel.

After checking in, with a lot of fake smiles and obsequiousness from all hotel staff who have been told to look after this man, we were shown up to a suite. With a large tip and a thank you, we were left alone.

“Strip, completely” he commanded “and place your clothes neatly on the chair over there” indicating a nearby lounge chair. I quickly did so, with a slight tremble of excitement. “Now come over here and bend forward over this table”. Once I was suitably bent over and grabbing the front legs of the table, he squatted down in front of me and quickly Duck Taped my wrists to the legs. Now, I could have complained, shouted at him and struggled but, as is my nature, I was more eager to see what happened next, than to worry. “I have some calls to make “ he simply said “and I wanted to admire the view while I did”. He took a further strip of Duck Tape and placed this over my mouth, effectively silencing me and wandered away to grab his phone.

Feeling vulnerable but horny as hell, I listened to him talk to someone about futures and stocks or some such, when suddenly, while he was still speaking, I felt a stinging blow on my rear. A cane? A long moan came from my taped mouth and I now understood why he had me silenced, he was going to work and play at the same time. Another couple of stinging blows, some silence and I heard him start another phone conversation. This time some gentle rubs across my warming bottom before whack! a hand spank, then another and another. I was unsure how many I had received, nor what the people on the other end of the phone thought was happening, after all they must be able to hear it?

There was another silence and I looked around to try and see what was happening, when I heard a buzzing sound and then a familiar feeling coursed through my body. I rode the waves of this wonderful sensation until I was about ready to erupt, when it suddenly stopped. Before my brain could work out what was happening, swish and a sharp stinging pain shot through by bottom, the cane again! After several blows, any thought of an orgasm had gone, to be replaced by that great feeling of adrenaline rushing through me but then, before I could settle into my sub-space, the blows stopped and the buzzing came back.

How many cycles of this taunt and torment I enjoyed before he was satiated, I do not know. But I do know that I cannot wait for the next time he calls me to collect him.

You can decide what happens next, or even live out your own spanking fantasy with an ending of your dreams.

Love Lilly x