Strawberry and a Peach of a Spanking – Part 2

Part 2

In part 1, I had discovered a farmhand about to punish a girl by spanking her while laying across a bale of hay, when without thinking, I had pushed open the barn door and demanded to know why she should have all the fun. None of the party quite knew what to do and seemed to be frozen, staring at my friend and I in the doorway.

Before they could object or even come to their senses, the two of us had laid down alongside the young girl, but not before dropping our shorts and knickers. With a knowing twinkle in her eyes, our erstwhile captive did the same. What followed was almost like musical chairs with each of our bottoms taking it in turns to be alternately spanked and rubbed by each of the guys.

With our three bottoms now almost glowing and as the slaps became more intense, our breathing sounded like thoroughbred racehorses after a sprint race. Gradually the punisher’s tempo slowed as they finally felt that we had received enough for one day and wandered away, presumably to the local pub to recount the story of this day. As for us, we were in no way satisfied and, retrieving my favourite mini vibrator from my shorts pocket I set to work. Very soon my friend and I had noisy orgasms but our new found friend surprised us both by, not only having a pretty much insatiable appetite but when it came, the force of her orgasm left her shaking uncontrollably.

It was time to collect our discarded baskets and make our way home, not before grabbing the contact details of our new girl. Knowing what happened on the day we picked these strawberries,

 I am sure they are going to taste twice as juicy and sweet.

You can decide what happens next, or even live out your own spanking fantasy with an ending of your dreams.

Love Lilly x