Spare a Shilling and fill my hat Guvnor’, so a girl can enjoy some Colly Molly Puffs this Christmas!

Hello everyone, well it’s Christmas time and the season to be jolly is here! And I certainly plan to be as happy as I can.

Over the last few weeks, I have been seeing some of my more select clients and sharing some beautiful moments, from meeting in my favourite coffee shop in the Belsize Park area of London to now having to grab a takeaway of my preferred blend, and stepping into my fantasy life, at least for a few hours.

Today’s session is with a talented musician, who writes and performs his own music and is well recognised as a producer of some of the current cool tracks. In preparation for our session, I put on an exceptionally beautiful set of lingerie and a super slinky outfit before packing some special toys into my Luis V bag.

As we were thinking on the same wavelength it was easy to pick the perfect scenario which, funnily enough matches my actual life, namely overspending on his credit card. The session starts with an over the knee spanking before moving onto using my new, all leather, Coco de Mer spanking tools. We take a small break, just time enough for me to change into another, beautiful set of lingerie from my favourite designer, bought using his credit card, before more spanking, gentle bottom rubs and lots of kisses.

Both of us have become tremendously excited by this time and after a few whacks with each of my toys and I reach that feeling best described as a euphoric sub-space. As it says on my website, sessions are never hurried and lots of fun.  

So why not come and spend a few hours with me, perhaps as a way of forgetting the difficulties of this year and have some fun and a spanking good time.

Much love and season’s greetings.

Lilly x