Three is a Magic Number

Hello everyone, finally Spring seems to be here and, with the ongoing relaxation to the lock-down rules, I am looking forward to the thrill of sessions, dressing up and meeting new people, now it is safe to do so. Part of the enjoyment for me has always been the role playing and living a double life and, while pondering on this, it reminded me of a time when I had to act as three different people.

That particular weekend, I had a beautiful few hours with a client, playing the scenario of a generous college girl taking punishment for three of my friends. Each of them had been caught doing naughty things but were scared to take their punishment for the crimes. Being the great friend that I am, I decided to use my secret pleasure, or addiction (possibly both), to receive all the attention to help them out and accept punishment for them. So today I am Amelia, Catherine, and Sienna.

Spanking Three is the Magic Number from Sensuous Escapes

The session started with Amelia’s punishment so, after receiving a nice warm-up spanking, which is enough for me to enter the scenario and my head space, I was shaken out of my reverie when my playmate, in his role as College Professor said “Are you really going to take all this punishment or are you going to tell me who really did it? As my god you are going to sore” “No sir, I will take all that is coming to me” I replied, desperately trying not to become too excited and pace myself, as I knew I had to go through this spanking three times for all my college friends.

Each ‘girl’ in turn received the same punishment using five implements, with each one being used one by one. The first was a warmup spanking with his hand, followed by a leather ‘Coco de Mer’ paddle, a beautiful handmade flogger, a riding crop and then the grand finale, the cane.

In the three hours of the session, having received the exact same number of strokes for each girl, I have had a total of 1400 and so, feeling very sore but, wow with such a massive adrenaline rush, we finished with lots of rubs and cuddles and a glass or two of Moët.

I hope it can be you next time and I await your call; I can be a posh lady needing correction, a naughty niece, or any chosen scenario of your desire.

Love and awaiting some new playmates.

Love Lilly x.

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