Spanking Switch it Up

Hello everyone,

Finally, it seems that summertime is here, and our world is slowly opening up to the new normal.

My favourite time of the year has always been the months of May and June the weather is warming, there is a sense of optimism in the air, and I can start to wear my really sexy and short summer dresses. But for me, the real excitement is being able to go out and meet new people making connections, and having some good old-fashioned fun.

spanking switch from Sensuous Escapes spanking services london

It is fantastic to have my ‘sliding door’ existence, as I move from normality into almost a virtual reality, taking note of my client’s requests, from clothing to the implements we will be using right down to the drink and snacks that all add together to form their fantasy.

The other day I met with a long-term friend / client of mine for what is known as a spanking switch session. After spending some time having a chat, enjoying a cup of coffee, and making sure that we are both going to love what we are about to do. Personally, I feel addicted to this beautiful fetish and adore being able to live my wonderful double life.

We started with soft sensual spanking which increased in intensity until we moved onto my leather toys, I do love the divine smell of quality leather and with the enjoyment of dealing with this naughty boy wow, before I knew it 90 minutes had flown past. Next it was turn, hence the term spanking switch, and was soon in my submissive mind state enjoying being dealt with and once again in what felt like 5 minutes another 2 hours had passed. As we both now had very sore bottoms a massage was needed and…well I will let you imagine what that was like!

Honestly, what a great way to spend an afternoon.

This could have been you. To make sure this is, you know what to do, just pick up the phone and start dialling. I look forward to your call and remember no withheld will ever be answered.

Cannot wait to meet some more friends to play with.

Love Lilly x