Spanking Scenario Ahead

The Naughtiness of the Daughter

In a departure from my recent blog style, today I suggest a story that we could develop into a scenario that we could play out together:

The Naughtiness of the Daughter

The motorcycle tyres crunched on the gravel driveway and came to a stuttering, gravel splattering stop. The engine was turned off and the noise tailed away into the evening air sharp horn sound broke into the stillness.

My boyfriend had just arrived and, as quickly as I could I grabbed my things and crashed out of the front door to meet him. The gravel crunched and sprayed as I ran across to meet him, knowing that my Mum and Dad were both watching from the doorway that I had noisily dashed through.

“Bye Dad, Bye Mum!”

As I nudged Freddy to pass me the spare Crash Helmet I heard my Dad shout “Lilly! Did you finish your chores?” to which my automatic reply was “Ohh… Dad! Of Course I have” knowing full well that none of the items on my list had even been started.

This seemed to placate my Dad and he called back “OK, Have fun and be back home by eleven” To my ears this was like a straightjacket on my night out “Dad! that does not allow me any time at all, Can I at least stay out until midnight?”

After a bit of discussion between my parents almost silhouetted in the doorway my Mum said “Mmm, OK but not a second later than 12!, we are trusting you now” My Dad could not resist a stronger reinforcement “Freddy, you are driving, I expect you to be responsible and be back on time – if you want to continue breathing – do you understand?”

“Yes, I promise to take really good care of Lilly!”

As the light from the doorway narrowed to a slice of light, I could not resist draping myself all over Freddy knowing that this would just slightly annoy my parents who, I knew, would be watching right up until the door closed completely. With a grin smeared across my face we left for the night.

“Siri, Time?” the tinny voice in my earphones stated “Twelve-Forty-Three AM” I knew that when I arrived home there would be hell to pay. But a bit of shouting and possibly being grounded for a while – it was worth it!

“Do you know what time it is, young lady?” Dad’s voice boomed from the open door just as Freddy slid, skidded, and splattered gravel in his haste to be away up the drive. “You are way past your curfew, your chores have not been done, and we have just looked at the state of your room. This time you need to be taught a lesson and we have decided that you need to be spanked in the same way that we did when you were being a naughty seven-year old”.”Get your behind in this house! RIGHT NOW!”

As I entered the house with the slow steps of a reluctant prisoner on their way to meet the noose, my Dad grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the settee and as he sat pulled me down over his lap. Reaching down to the magazine rack that lived next to the arm he pulled out a wooden paddle that he had placed there earlier.

I was wearing a flowery spaghetti-strapped sundress, too short by half a leg I knew for my parents, but just perfect for the activities I had taken part in that evening. But now felt that the bare shoulders which were draped with an excuse for a dress; and the wispy bit of nylon that was underneath, would offer precious little protection.

“DAD! MUM! – Pleeeeease,! I’m sorry I was late! I meant to be home on time, but I was kind of involved……” I trailed off realising what I had just implied.

As he switched the paddle to his right hand and placed it firmly onto my trembling cheeks, I felt him pause perhaps in compassion, and as this hope ignited it was snuffed out very quickly.

“In the morning, before breakfast, you and I are going to have a second spanking session: to deal with the lie you told us, about doing your chores. And then tomorrow night, at bedtime, you have another appointment with the paddle, to pay for your being fifty minutes late coming home!”

Reaching across my back, he grabbed my right wrist and pinned it against my side. Lowering his left knee slightly, and elevating his right one, this put my bottom into the perfect punishment position. I felt him lift the paddle and gently pat my behind three times when he raised his arm high, outside of my peripheral vision, took careful aim and slammed the hard wood against my buttocks!

The paddle made a very loud splat, I yelped and felt a sheen of sweat break out over my body. I then received a further 6 smacks in quick succession feeling, rather than commanding my legs to thrash after each whack and knowing that I was to be punished again tomorrow…..

You can decide what happens next, or even live out your own spanking fantasy with an ending of your dreams.

Love Lilly x