Paying for my car breaking down – Part 1

Travelling back from a weekend away at one of my more well-heeled friend’s houses in the Cotswolds, mine, and I am sure most women’s worst nightmare happened – my car broke down on a country lane. Being a sensible sort of girl, I was registered with a breakdown service and so, after a quick call, all I needed to do was wait.

Luckily, I was wearing a heavier, belted dress, which certainly and thankfully, was in a thicker material than my normal summer ensemble, so the evening chill was not a problem. What was becoming an issue was the stinging from my buttocks, a result of my spanking release over the previous couple of days. The normally comfortable and lacy La Perla panties were actually proving a little scratchy and uncomfortable, so I decided to remove them and tossed them casually onto the back seat.

Eventually, I saw the welcoming flashing lights of the breakdown truck, heralding the arrival of an admittedly very attractive 40-year-old man with the bluest eyes I had ever seen. He approached my car window and tapping on the glass, actually made me jump as I found myself drifting off to some very dirty thoughts. He shone his torch into the car, indicating that he needed me to release the bonnet by using the latch which was on the passenger side of my car. Still enjoying the memory of my little daydream, I leant across the handbrake and struggled to pull the latch, forgetting entirely about my lack of underwear, which was now being gloriously spotlighted in the beam of the mechanic’s torch.

The latch gave and the bonnet popped open but when I tried to sit back up, somehow the belt, the buttons or something on the front of my dress had become caught and I was stuck. If I pulled too hard then my dress would come open, so what was I to do? I felt a change in the air and instead of my hunky mechanic being a ‘knight in shining armour’ and helping me up, he instead started to caress my legs and thighs. Before I knew it he had obviously seen the redness around my bottom from the weekends spanking release, decided on what I would like and gave me a sharp smack across my already tingling posterior.

Continued in Part 2

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