Super Hans’s Girlfriend

Super Hans. Apart from a character on Peep Show, it is also the name of my pug. Obviously, he is the cutest dog in the world because he is mine – here he is now sitting just looking at me with that look on his face. Sometimes a good walk in the park is great and sometimes it is a necessity if I do not quite feel up to it, or it is raining cats and dogs. A strange expression that one. I wonder when that was started?

Spanked Fantasy from Sensuous Escapes

So today in the park, even though he only has little legs, he was pulling me along as if he were out to prove he could walk the length of Britain. He was forcing me to walk faster than I wanted to which had just started to annoy me, when I realised that he had seen a lady pug a hundred yards away and obviously fancied a bit of you know what. As we drew closer, I saw that this Pug with a bow was hiding behind her owner who, now I looked closer, was rather striking to be honest. He said in a rather posh voice “I should give him a bit of a spanking on behalf of my little Christabel here, I am not sure she is keen on a bit of rough.” I was a bit put out that my Super Hans was called ‘a bit of rough’, but he did say it with a wink. Without thinking I instinctively replied in a way that took him back “You certainly won’t be giving Super Hans here a spanking, but you could try it on me if you like” After a bit of spluttering and trying to say something posh and cutting he decided on “great”.

So, after my beautiful few hours in the park with my pug Super Hans and the fine young gentleman, with whom I exchanged telephone numbers, I went home and decided to have a lovely hot bath. Lit by some beautiful candles and warmed by the scented water I relaxed and started to fantasise over my gentleman in the park.

Mmm where do I begin, I imagine James, the owner of Christabel, welcoming me into his large house. My fantasy is I get dressed in my beautiful black dress, wearing a new choker from Agent Provocateur and being taken over his knee to be spanked at first, then we move on to some beautiful leather floggers and paddles. There is another hour of pure pleasure and at the end of this delicious few hours, he massages some of my favourite Liberty oils on my back!

The rest will come next week when this handsome and striking gentleman is booking a session with me. Then I will turn my meeting in the park spanked fantasy into reality and of course all names have been changed to protect the identities of my clients.

You know what to do so that it could be one of you… pick up the phone and I look forward to seeing you as well and making your fantasy a reality (sorry but no withheld numbers are ever answered.)

Love Lilly x

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