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Secluded Garden Thoughts Spanking Blog from Sensuous Escapes

As summer finally seems to have arrived, I decided to have a little down time and perhaps a little sun bathing in my fairly secluded, private little garden which is nicely tucked away at the rear of my house.

In preparation for my day of catching rays, I took a nice long shower and massaged a rather expensive body lotion into my wet skin which, I am told, is the very best way to moisturise. Suitably cleansed and refreshed, I started to pick through my bikinis looking for something to leap out at me as the ‘one to wear’, when I spied a very posh looking bag from Dior. Puzzled, I emptied the contents onto my bed and was delighted to discover some matching lingerie, which had been given as a gift from a very grateful client some months ago. Slipping these on, it was clear that something had gone wrong in translation when I gave my vital statistics for the gift, as they were at least two sizes too small.

Once I had managed to pour my ample breasts into the cups and snuggled my hips into the panties, there was certainly a struggle going on to maintain my modesty and a glance in my dressing mirror showed me what an amazing sight I was with everything, only just, covered. Here is where you would expect me to take the underwear off and replace them with a more sensible bikini but then, my naughty side, which is never far from the surface at the best of times, takes over and I grab a towel, water bottle and book and head straight outside.

Not wanting to be exposed, at least to the full sunshine, I found a spot under a tree with dappled shade, made myself comfortable and started to read. After a while all I could hear was the odd hum of a bumble bee and a blackbird singing its heart out nearby. Laying on my back and drifting into a state of tranquillity, I suddenly noticed a flash and some movement in a neighbours window. Just when my mind was processing this and realising that it must be Dave working from home, my top gave way under the strain and flew open like a scene from Carry On Camping, revealing two pert boobs topped by erect, firm nipples. Luckily, or un-luckily depending on your point of view, Dave was a good looking guy who attended a gym regularly so what was a girl to do? Obey my instincts and cover up, or pretend to be asleep and attract his admiring glances.

Continued in Part 2

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