Secluded Garden Thoughts – Part 2

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A Garden Spanking Fantasy – Continued from Part 1

From earlier, you will remember that I had a decision to make, cover up immediately or pretend to be asleep and attract some attention from my hunky neighbour Dave. Need you ask? I lay there and through half closed eyes, could see him with a pair of powerful binoculars being held in one hand, blatantly looking at me. Just for a second I wondered what his other hand was up to, when I realised that my hand had crept across and down my stomach and without any real conscious instruction, was gently massaging my more sensitive area.

Wanting to give him something better to watch as I was becoming more turned on by my back garden show, I moved my hand under the flimsy material of the panties, noting with delight that my voyeur was frantically adjusting his binoculars for the best view. It was pretty clear that he was struggling to control both his rising emotions and keeping his binoculars on target. I wondered who would win this race as we both brazenly pleasured ourselves.

I glanced swimmingly up at his window and noticed that the binoculars had been discarded and lay on the flat roof outside, as he clearly was nearing his orgasm and needed a hand to steady himself against the window frame. The thought of this and the possibility of his manhood being worked on by me, finally sent me over the edge. It was no longer a case of who came first, as I think it was a dead heat judging by the load moans and shouting from both parties.

As I laid under my tree in the dappled shade, enjoying the high and the breathless exhaustion, a thought hit me. I really love flimsy underwear. A hint maybe?

You can decide what happens next, or even live out your own garden spanking fantasy with an ending of your dreams.

Love Lilly x

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