Rubbing Shoulders with the Famous!

Hello everyone, sorry it has been a while since my last blog but my pretty little feet have just ‘not touched the ground’ recently. Finally, as things are returning to normal, whatever the new normal is, I thought I would share a session with one of my more select clients.

Before we start and for obvious reasons, no names will be mentioned to protect his identity, sorry. So anyway, we had a lovely relaxed session at his beautiful house in Notting Hill Gate. It seems that a lot of my clients love to snuggle up and talk with me, perhaps it is because I am a naturally great listener.

So our session started with some over the knee spanking in his beautifully appointed bedroom, before moving on to some of my favourite implements, mostly padded straps and floggers which we, in a fun way, worked our way through one at a time. God I love what I do – it is the buzz, the adrenaline release as well as being able to help another realise their fantasies.

During the afternoon I changed outfits a few times, as well as interspersing lots of erotic rubs in between. We played in this way for 2 hours before moving into his study, where he had me laying on his chair, being dealt with, using several implements and I was in heaven and, importantly, so was he.

At the end of my sessions there is always time to relax with a massage and lots of rubs on my beautiful bottom. I will let you my audience imagine the rest, as it was a fun and incredibly erotic afternoon.

I find myself wanting more and more as I love it so much and will keep you updated on my future adventures. Perhaps this could be with you, so why not pick up the phone and give me a call. I cannot wait to meet you.

Love always.

Lilly x.