My Fantasy Shop Spanking Adventure – Part 1

One day, while shopping at a well known, relatively high end store my mind, and I will admit I tend to have slightly naughty thoughts, started to wander.

I imagined that I had finished my shopping and made my way to the self service check-out and, having carefully scanned, packed and paid, made my way to the exit when an alarm went off and a hand landed on my shoulder. A large, handsome and impressively built security guard smiled at me and asked if could come back inside and walk through the door sensors again. Once again the alarm blared out, so I was asked to accompany the guard to the security office.

Arriving at the office, my bags were emptied and the items checked one at a time against my receipt and, as I expected, all was in order. Then it was suggested that I must have hidden something somewhere else. When my handbag was also found to be likewise free from stolen goods, he turned to me and with, what looked like a slight smirk, said that it must be hidden either in or under my clothing and that I could agree to be searched here and now, or have the police called and wait for them to arrive. Not a great set of options especially given that all I was wearing was a maxi dress under a casual jacket, and with my naughty by nature side very much to the fore, I was not wearing any underwear. I knew that I had paid for everything and not wanting to spend the time waiting for the Police to arrive or wasting their time for nothing, I reluctantly agreed to be searched by the security staff but only if this was carried out by a woman.

A call was made and soon a tall blonde arrived and, even in her uniform with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, she was stunning – far more vogue front cover model than security guard. Having put on a pair of thin latex gloves she started the search. Running her hands across the outside of my clothes, all was well until she made her way up to my top half, where she clearly discovered my lack of bra.

I just knew that things were going to take an interesting turn from here onwards and perhaps I could work in a little shop spanking!

Continued in Part 2

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