Entente Cordial

The other morning, while brunching with one of my girlfriends, we realised that it seemed like years since we had been abroad for a holiday. It just so happened that one of my long term, high flying clients, owned a great villa in the South of France and I was sure that, with a favour from me, would be more than delighted to let us use it.

A quick phone call confirmed that he was delighted to let us use the villa on the dates we were looking at and, to cut a long story short, flights and airport transfers were arranged and we were off in two days.

Our taxi collected us from the airport in the French Riviera sunshine and whisked us up the hills to the villa, which sat in elegant seclusion overlooking the Cote D’Azur in all its splendour. Approaching from the road along a long gravelled driveway, our levels of excitement were growing until, around a final corner, the incredible villa was revealed.

We had no sooner pulled up to the front steps, when the live in Butler came out to help us with our luggage. It did not escape our notice that he was tanned, nicely muscular and well dressed, effortlessly carrying our cases up to the master bedroom. This room could easily have been the main feature on Home and Garden, as it tastefully combined the very best of French style with the latest in-home technology.

Feeling the need to remove the journey from our minds and bodies, we were soon in the massive ensuite shower, washing and pampering each other, becoming lost in the moment together. It was only while grabbing some towels and preparing to take things a little further in the bedroom, that I noticed a tell-tale little red flashing light – someone was watching us!

I could have let my girlfriend know but my naughty side, which is never far from the surface at the best of times, wanted our erstwhile viewer to become an instant fan. As we laid on the bed, kissing and stroking each other, it was not long before our vibrators came out of the luggage and were put to good use.

As we forgot everything apart from each other’s pleasure, an errant arm landed on a remote control on the bedside table and a large TV screen emerged from the foot of the bed. It seemed that the villa’s owner was not the only one to be spied on, as the TV showed our hunky butler obviously watching us on his tablet. Now what? it seemed the only thing to do was to see who would finish first. Our moans and screams of pleasure became louder as the excitement of being watched added to our pleasure mix.

From the sounds coming from the TV, it was clear that our Butler won that particular race, and his exploding and quivering on the screen was soon followed by ours. As we were not going to let him know and we were enjoying the attention, this scenario was performed at least once a day, so our poor Butler was extremely tired and, at the same time, sad to see us go, although we always suspected that he had recorded at least one session for later perusal.

You can decide what happens next, or even live out your own spanking fantasy with an ending of your dreams.

Love Lilly x