A Spanking You Can Bank On

Hello everyone. It has been a while since my last blog but, just like everyone else, I have been living carefully and up until the last lockdown came into force enjoying my secret double life with a select group of clients.

But let me tell you about my most recent lovely session I had just before lockdown.

We had arranged to meet at one of my favourite coffee shops and chatted over a delicious flat white all the while I was becoming more excited just know that in less than an hour I would be at the boudoir of my very clever, handsome, and naughty banker, Philip. Should I tell all? Well just for you. After we had a lovely conversation, a few laughs, and discussed what he wanted from our session. I asked him directly what really turns him on and he replies quite sincerely “to spank your gorgeous bottom, feel your beautiful hair, look into your pretty eyes” blushing furiously we look at his beautiful leather toys and dream up the ideal scenario to play

A spanking you can bank on from Sensuousescapes Spanking Services London

Funnily enough, the role I was to play was not too far from reality as I was to be punished for spending way too much money. And this very day while waiting for him to finish his interminable business calls, he gave me his credit card to treat myself. So, Prada shoes, Jo Malone one of my favourite shops, and a quick pop into Stella McCartney, and before I knew it the bill was thousands.

So now here we are at the venue with me laying face down on the bed as he starts to give me a spanking you can bank on, nice and hard, working through each of the toys without breaks. He looks so angry as he plays his part brilliantly turning me on more with each stroke.

At end of the session, he starts laughing, somewhat puzzled I asked him what was so funny to which he replied that he was surprised I had not spent more as for him it was peanuts. So why was he so angry you ask? His answer was simply “I just needed something to give you a spanking for!” We finished with a lovely massage and I will leave the rest to your imagination.

Now that I know, the next time, I will make sure that I visit more shops. Even if, I receive such a spanking that I cannot sit down for a few days! as I love shopping and I love being dealt with even more.

Perhaps next time this could be with you, so why not pick up the phone and give me a call. I cannot wait to meet you.

Love always. Lilly x

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