A Naughty Nurse Spanking Scenario

This is a story of what happened to me about three nights ago, an event that will change my life for ever.

Working as a nurse in a clinic within a hospital, I find the hours are better, no late night duty, the work is not as heavy or demanding as on the general wards and the pay is good. This is where I rearrange my thoughts about sex.

I recently met a new Doctor on what we call the late shift, when the clinic tends to calm down past nine o’clock, although sometimes things can become hairy but not too often, usually it is pretty dead. I was asked if I could help close the clinic and of course I accepted, who would not want to be alone with a handsome doctor.

Sure enough, after we locked the doors and shut the place down, the new guy started to make passes and flirted with me. I responded enthusiastically and before we knew it our arms were wrapped around each other and we kissed so passionately that my knees almost went out.

Later that evening at home, I thought about how I could do something special just to tip things over the edge, before my chance went by and we were on different duty rosters again. It did not take me long to decide. The next day when I dressed for work, I put on a white lace bra, matching garter belt and sheer white seamed stockings, with no knickers of course! So, when I put on my uniform, you really could not tell anything was amiss, except if I sat down and let my hem ride up my leg slightly.

Packing a couple of things in my bag, I left for work and the hunky doctor was there, immediately I could tell he was thinking about our time later. On my side, I was becoming excited and it was hard to work so close to him and not erotically touch him.

Finally, ten o’clock came around and, when everyone had left, I slipped into the changing room and traded my sensible, soft shoes for four-inch high heels. Normally nurses walk around too much to wear heels but equally, sensible shoes do not work with garter belts.

As I went back into the clinic, he had switched off most of the lights and locked the doors. We were completely alone. So as I walked in, highlighted in the remaining low lights, his eyes almost popped out of his head. I stood giving him a very sexy pose and asked him if he liked what he saw. He eyed me up and down for a moment, then told me yes.

So I slowly undid the top buttons of my uniform and let it gape open, showing off my breasts, I wanted to run over and throw my arms around him but stood still as he walked up to me, obviously enjoying my lingerie-covered body.

As he stood looking at me, he confessed that there was something that he had always wanted to do but that none of the nurses that he worked with had shown any interest. With only a little thought I let him know that tonight was his night and I was his to do what he wanted with. He looked at me for a second in awe before telling me, with suddenly more authority in his voice, to fetch the stool from the examination room where it is used for doctors or families to sit on. I did as he asked and when I placed this in front of him, he told me to lie down on my front over the stool and grasp the wooden legs at the bottom. This position caused my uniform to ride up exposing the tops of my stockings.

With a slightly saucy wiggle of my rear, I suggested that he could find some fun things in my bag but, with a curt “ I have my own”, he pulled out his doctors bag and out of my line of sight removed some things and placed them on a nearby trolley.

The hem of my skirt and the tops of my stockings framed the target area nicely and, as he gently rubbed a cold rubber feeling something over my bum I jumped slightly. The instruction was given to count out loud after each stroke and I was warned that if he did not hear me or I forgot, then I would receive an extra punishment. With that, I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt the sting of the rubber surgical hose on my defenseless rear end. “One!” I cried as he immediately rubbed the sore area with his bare hand. Then, with a whoosh of air and an adrenalin-inducing sting, another blow landed on target. “Two!” I shrieked.

You can decide what happens next, or even live out your own spanking fantasy with an ending of your dreams.

Love Lilly x