A Long Overdue School Spanking – Part 2

In Part 1, we were escaping the heat in the car by relaxing on a blanket in a secluded picnic area and I had just run a hand lazily along her back and down to her beautiful bottom. Under my touch it felt like a ripe peach and extremely shapely. Hearing a gentle sigh escape her lips, I took the opportunity to be more daring and slipped my hand under her skirt until I reached the softest, most velvet like buttocks I had ever felt.

Being slightly naughty in nature, I always have some useful bits and bobs in my bag and, removing a long pink vibrator, started to play this over her sensitive parts. Pretty soon her breathing became more intense and she started enjoying herself and relaxing, her legs opened slightly and, moving her knickers aside placed the vibrator where she felt it the most.

As her orgasm built up I could not resist holding her back from the precipice by administering a sharp smack on her delectable bottom, but far from cooling things down, as I expected, she started to moan louder. Taking her lead I moved her across my lap and started to give her a long overdue school spanking. As the vibrator did its work and I turned her rear a lovely pink colour, the harder and louder she moaned.

This was certainly not the Belle I had first met at school, with her slightly uptight and strait-laced approach to sex, as I kept her on the edge of her orgasm with a combination of soft rubbing, pinching and moving the vibrator away from her at the critical moments. I finally relented and let her have her orgasm which exploded through her. On my lap I could feel her body shake uncontrollably for many minutes. Yes, definitely not the Belle I knew at school!

You can decide what happens next, or even live out your own spanking fantasy with an ending of your dreams.

Love Lilly x

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