A Long Overdue School Spanking – Part 1  

Today I have decided to recount the fun that I had on a recent road trip into the country that I took with an old school friend of mine, Belle.

We had first met at boarding school just when my young libido was pushing me to explore and turn my spanking fantasies into a reality. Even though, at the time, she was not one to take part in a lurid bedtime romp, we still became firm friends.

Our trip happened to be on one of the hottest days of the year and as we drove along you could almost hear the countryside sizzle and see the heat shimmering like water on the road ahead. We settled back into the leather seats, wafting along and relaxing in the climate controlled luxury of my car.

As the temperature outside rose, we noticed that the air coming out of the vents was no longer as cold as it had been, a situation that continued and worsened until the inside of my car was sweltering. Finally we were forced to open the windows and Belle’s long blond hair was now blowing freely in the breeze. Normally this would be enough to cool us and the inside of the car down, but on such a hot day it seemed that even the outside air came out of a furnace.

So far from cooling us down, soon Belle needed to undo a blouse button, then as this did little to cool her off, in quick succession, a second and third button followed suit allowing the breeze to make the material billow about giving me flashes of the the most pert and flawless breasts that I had ever seen. Desperately trying to concentrate on the road, with my eyes being inexorably drawn back to her cleavage, I still managed to see a drop of perspiration make its way down her breast.

This was no good! I was becoming so aroused that concentrating on driving was increasingly difficult. So, making an excuse of tiredness, I turned off the motorway at the next exit. As luck would have it, this led on to a lovely country road, that shortly wound into some woods, which in turn led to a lovely parking area just adjacent to a secluded picnic area.

Luckily enough I had already planned for a surprise picnic later, so took out a large colourful blanket and laid it on the ground, encouraging Belle to lay down and enjoy the sun for a while. Soon she turned over onto her front so I mirrored her position and started to run a lazy hand along her back and down to her beautiful bottom.

Continued in Part 2

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