A Lawyer who spanks me astray!

Hello everyone and may I first wish you all a happy new year and, as I am staying safely isolated in the countryside, I thought I would take this opportunity to share a recent beautiful session with you.

I have a friend, a Corporate Lawyer that I shall call Laura to keep her identity safe, who lives and loves her fast-paced way of life. When she has the time, the one thing she loves to do to unwind is spend some time with me and do some spanking.

When we had the opportunity to meet the other day, after spending some time at the gym, we drove back to her apartment and over a nice glass of wine we chatted, giggling and sharing our fantasies and stories together having a lot of fun. Later that evening we decide to take a bath together which is something we both find erotic and, at the same time, relaxing.

A Lawyer who spanks me astray from Sensuous Escapes Spanking Services London

Taking time pampering ourselves and changing into some beautiful silk nightwear, we started to stroke each other and taking turns to give over-the-knee spanks interspersed with some lovely bottom rubs. We both love the feel of spanking in a sensual but definitely firm enough way to make it tingle and so, after losing ourselves for a while, we moved on to using some of our exquisite, handmade, leather toys. Yummy.

From leather whips to paddles, we work through the different sensations that these bring before I use my latest and newest leather paddle on her. She is in heaven and literally begging for me to give her as many spanks as possible. As I am moving to become the Dominant one at this moment I deny her request and move onto a riding crop which I know she does not like initially but just loves the feeling afterward. I switch to a beautiful heavy leather flogger on her back and bottom that she loves when I decided to finish with one of my latest purchases, a small Coco de Mer pussy whip, well I leave it to your imagination what happened after I used that!

As for the future we plan to meet again, and I think, she is planning for me to be on the receiving end of a beautiful punishment. I can only hope that she did not feel that I had been too naughty or hard with her punishment, otherwise it will be me in trouble although, to be honest, it would be more an hour of Nirvana and I do not mean the Rock group.

I am confident that within the next coming weeks it could be you enjoying yourself with the stunning model and interior designer, Lilly Summerfield giving her some spanks. All you need to do is pick up the phone and turn your fantasies into reality, as soon as restrictions are lifted of course.

…. I look forward to your call.. In the meantime, I am setting up a way for you to order directly from my website, https://sensuousescapes.co.uk, photos and blogs that will be personally tailored to your requirements.

Keep safe and well and I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Love Lilly xxx

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