A day in the life of Lilly.

I wanted to share one of my typical days with you. More often than not, my day starts with a shot of freshly made Espresso coffee, yummy, and then straight off to the gym for a session with my personal trainer. This is an hour of literally pumping and grinding to keep myself in great condition and feeling wonderful. Then a shower, slipping into only the very sexiest, of sexy underwear. A dash of my favourite perfume and an elegant dress and I am ready for my first appointment of the day.

In this case a high-end photoshoot – I meet with the make-up artist and then the hairdresser and we start with shooting the pictures, featuring a number of outfits, backgrounds and style changes and I cannot wait to see the finished photos.

I am then booked for an evening session with one of my more exclusive clients, a high brow older woman called Emily, who has a considerable private income and a particular taste for beautiful brunettes with a curvy size 10 figure, just like your one and only Lilly.

She likes to start with a cold glass of champagne and for me to pose in several different positions for her but, before we do the actual spanking, she likes to chat through her fantasies of punishing a beautiful woman. So, we chat and laugh through her fantasies and at the same time I find myself getting extremely turned on by this powerful older elegant woman wanting me to undress and be spanked by her.

As a trained ballet dancer, I can hold some very erotic positions, one touching my toes ready to accept my punishment. Emily started to spank me quite hard, interspacing this with lots of beautiful massaging and, as the session went on, I found myself wanting more and yes, I was hooked.

My spanking warm-up lasted about half an hour, with me touching my toes, over her knee and on all fours, after which she moved to using her own, bespoke crafted paddles. The smell of the rich leather was deeply erotic. But this was not all, she had brought a selection of beautiful whips and proceeded to use them on me as I lay on a bed. Emily gave me lots of kisses and massages in between flogging my back and buttocks, throughout which both of us could tell I was very turned on and wanting more.

Abruptly Emily brought the session to an end as she had worked her desires out of her system. I wanted more there and then but quickly realised that I was her playmate and she was the boss. Later that same evening she called and said that next time we would go further and it would be much harder for me as she had some ideas for more erotic positions.

I look forward to sharing more of my diaries with you and hopefully, very soon, it could be one of you dealing with me! I hope so as I love the excitement of meeting some new clients/playmates.

Don’t be shy and get in contact.


Lilly x