A Day in the Life of Lilly 6

Hello, everyone, it is Lilly, back again with another Day in my Life.

It is great news about the current lockdown restrictions being lifted slowly and safely, soon we can start having some well-deserved fun again!

Anyway, so last weekend I was asked by a client to visit him at his beautiful Manor House. This is not only exciting to have the chance to go out for a few hours but for me, part of the adrenaline kick is preparing for the session, taking the time to pamper myself, dressing up and looking stunning.

So, dressed in beautiful, provocative black underwear and a delightfully figure-hugging black dress, I climb into the car which has been sent to take me to his Hertfordshire manor, a few miles away.

Upon arrival at the estate I am invited to have drinks with my client, he is someone I have had several sessions with, so I know what he likes, which is me playing a submissive role for him. As soon as the drinks are over, he orders me to remove my knickers and then accompany him to a formal dinner in the main dining room along with some other guests who have no idea about his true interests. It really turned him on knowing that, while his staff served the food and the dinner carried on, I was being truly submissive to him which I guess I kind of like as well.

Once supper is over, I am taken to the red room to wait for him – this is his special play space where he keeps all his implements and costumes and where he can explore his deepest desires. I am asked to slowly strip and he places a collar around my neck which, being a natural exhibitionist, makes me even more excited. He starts by giving me a spanking, alternating this with nice rubs and then more spanks. When thoroughly warmed up, he proceeds to blindfold me and starts to use some paddles. All I can smell is the leather and it is lovely. He tells me that he wants to use at least seven different types of paddles on me, some soft, some harder, but all leather and hand-crafted.

As he goes through them, I can actually feel the different sensations that each of the paddles illicit and it is incredibly sexy. Then, after an hour of bliss, we move on to floggers used on my back and buttocks. Slowly I am moving into a different headspace, which I know all of you enthusiastically like-minded people will understand completely. Eventually the session comes to and end and I definitely have a beautiful glow about me.

I very much hope and look forward to one of you who are reading this, picking up the phone and being that person… I hope so … see you soon.


Lilly xxx