A Day in the Life of Lilly 5

Hello everybody, just giving you another of my weekly updates.

As everyone who has been following my blog will know, I have been videoing some of my sexiest dance moves and posting them on YouTube in support of our NHS Heroes. So, after my usual morning shot of espresso and a Yoga stretch out, I practice my dance routine for just under an hour which, at the same time, helps to de-stress and relax me ready for the day ahead.

So, just time to jump in the shower to freshen up, taking care to massage some of my favourite body creams into my skin then, when dried off, a splash of my favourite perfume, before finally slipping into something beautiful as I head off to see my client.

Luckily today I am visiting the client, one of the country’s top accountants, at his beautiful home. As a regular client we always have a very relaxed session, with coffee and a chat before starting with the role playing and readying myself for some punishment. To start with I put on some gorgeous high heels and La Perla lingerie, so I feel super sexy and ready to Rock and Roll.

As I lay on the bed we start with a little light spanking and then, when I am nice and warmed up, we move on to the leather paddles.  Moving through the different types of glorious, hand-crafted toys -to tell you the truth I love them all, the smell of the leather is intoxicating to me.

As the session progresses, he moves onto one of the huge selection of whips, all handcrafted, occasionally switching to using a flogger on my back, which to me, is highly erotic. By the time we have used all the paddles, whips, and floggers I am very well warmed up – it is a sensational feeling.

It ends with that familiar warm feeling on my back and bottom, I think that I must be some sort of an adrenaline junky, as I not only love the rush and excitement of dreaming and thinking about my sessions, but also the feelings they instil in me afterwards.

Finally, my lovely client gently massages some beautiful cream on my sore bottom and we enjoy some lovely cuddles, before he steps out of the room and returns with some gifts for me, in the shape of beautiful La Perla lingerie, a bottle of champagne, and of course, some spending money. The little girl in me loves to be spoilt!

Love Lilly. xxx

 Ps one day it could be you!!! Pick up the phone be brave – cannot wait to hear from you.