A Day in the Life of Lilly 4

Hello everyone, well, over the weekend, I have been dancing and training, practicing a very sexy provocative dance routine to video and post on YouTube, to raise money for the NHS, our heroes.

So today, after my usual Espresso coffee, it is music on and an hour of dance practice to some rather chilled hip-hop beats. Then off to take a shower and make myself ready for today’s meeting. My only conundrum is what to wear, finally deciding on some very slinky Black, Wolford Stockings, La Perla lingerie, and a splash of my favourite perfume. Hair worn down, high heels on, now looking like every man’s favourite dream.

My client today is an extraordinarily successful banker who, luckily, is staying in the country owing to the current worldwide travel restrictions. As usual, we are being very discreet, and he has arranged for me to be collected by his driver and taken to his Hampstead home.

Upon arrival I am met by Ludmilla, his live-in Russian housekeeper, who gives me a wonderfully warm welcome, “Darling” she enthused “Beautiful, so good to see you again” and finally, with a wink, she shows me in. Perhaps she knows what her boss enjoys so serves me with a freshly prepared, light lunch before showing me up to his bedroom.

My client had already chosen what he wanted me to wear and there, on the bed, is a set of exquisite Coco de Mer lingerie, black of course, a black slip and a pair of stockings. Once changed, I knelt on the bed and looked around the master bedroom which was, in fact, a huge suite of rooms all seductively lit with many candles in stunning candelabras and there, neatly laid out on an antique table were a beautiful selection of handcrafted paddles, a beautifully soft leather whip, and a well-worn riding crop. I am already starting to become really excited about being dealt with by the powerful banking leader.

The session began with some role-playing and me being stripped and tied to his bed with lots of great spanking. God, I think I am so addicted to not only being worshipped by powerful men but also being punished, it really turns me on so much. So here I am laying flat on the bed and was being spanked, with lots of beautiful massages and with his fingers wandering a bit! He caresses my long, beautiful hair and continues with the hand spanking until my bottom is sore, but ready for more punishment. I would also like to recommend the use of leather paddles, lots of different ones as, after a few minutes, my bottom is radiant heat and I am so turned on I need to use all my self-discipline to make it through the rest of the toys.

Next is probably my very favourite, a soft leather whip, which seems to have been made specifically for me. I am whipped on my back and then released from the bed and whipped on my front with some lashes falling lightly on my pussy, I am in heaven.

Stephen, my client, finally finished our session with 12 strokes of the riding crop and, as I had been such a good girl, handed me some gifts from my favourite Jo Malone, a bit of spending money and a huge hug. I really loved today’s beautiful few hours of pure escapism for both of us.

Love Lilly. xxx

 PS. I hope maybe next time it could be you, I cannot wait.