A Day in the Life of Lilly 3.

Hello everyone, another beautiful day, so in the last few days I have been using the time to keep fit and have been practicing my ballet to some funky beats from the ‘Ministry of Sound’.

A final stretch to cool down and keep supple so I can bend and hold all those sexy positions. Off to have my shower and then put something wonderful on. Today I feel that it must be a beautiful little black dress that exudes elegance and, around my neck, a leather choker with a diamond dangling from the front. Underneath, Wolford stockings and some lovely lingerie, all finished off with a dash of my favourite scent.

This afternoon I am so excited as I have a session booked with one of my regular clients, Emily. Just at the moment she is working from home and, having a high-pressure job as a Hedge Fund Manager, is in need of some relaxation.

I arrive promptly at her Thames side, Chelsea property and, after being shown into the main drawing room and offered a coffee, I wait to see what Emily has in store for me today. “My beautiful Lilly” Emily says as she enters the room “today we are going to use every one of my brand-new selection of hand-crafted toys”. Feeling incredibly turned on already, I quickly agreed and left to go into her bedroom, undress and wait for her as she likes to see me in lingerie.

Starting with lots of hand spanking to warm me up, she then blindfolds me before starting to use her new toys. I seem to feel all the sensations differently, I can smell the leather, they are beautiful, some sting, others feel so good I could take many more strokes from them. Seven or eight different toys are used on me, the session is well underway and all I can do is lay there and enjoy. Once we have worked our way through all the paddles, she orders me to lay on my front and we start on the floggers. All I can say is “wow”, the feeling is amazing, with some strokes on my back and others on my buttocks, I am in heaven.

The session ends with Emily giving me lovely cuddles and massaging cream into my back and bottom, all the time saying how much more relaxed she now feels. For our next session though, she is already planning to use more implements on me and on my front as well. I feel an exhilarating sense of satisfaction at taking all the punishments and enjoying it too!

So, until next week, when my diaries will include my private fantasies as well. I look forward to sharing some of my time with you all very soon. So do not be shy, pick up the phone. Bookings are only ever taken after I privately and discreetly chat through your desires.

 All my love Lilly xxx