A day in the life of Lilly 2

For those who read my previous blog, you will know that I like to start my day with a shot of freshly made Espresso and a great work out at the gym with my personal trainer. Knowing the client that I was due to see, I made sure that I was beautifully dressed in a silk slip and a perfectly fitted dress before making my way to a Thames side, Chelsea property.

A maid answered the door and led me directly to the bedroom of her mistress, where my client Emily set my first challenge. Knowing that I love to dress and be ultra-feminine, she said that she wanted me to dress in severe leather. With the addition of a beautiful choker, our first hour together went like this:

We role-play her current favourite scenario, something I am particularly fond of doing, so here we go. I knock on the door of her bedroom, a large beautiful room with tons of natural light coming in from the large picture windows overlooking the Thames. She walks over to me and clips a lead onto my choker and instructs me to be very obedient. I was walked around the room, almost paraded, as she watched my perfect size 10 curvy figure move under the leather outfit I was wearing.

Emily stood, sipping Champagne and watching me intently.  She then asked me to pose naked for her in positions that left nothing to the imagination. After a further deliberate sip of champagne, she checked that I was enjoying myself and we moved on to some good old-fashioned spanking.

Having stripped, I was laid over her knee, presented on all fours and then the grand finale, laying face up over an ornate table and being whipped across the front of my body softly, sensually and, when turned over, harder. She used all her toys on me some on my front and some on my bottom and back, all very erotic and ultra-sensual.

And just when I thought it was over, she made me dress in a tight leather corset and we repeated the sensual spanking and paddling which was mind-blowing. Emily is beautiful, sensual and with all the external stimulation I was receiving I think, that at one point, I nearly came.

After resting and enjoying each other’s company, we then spent a magical few hours with her using exquisitely handcrafted implements, such as a paddle and a beautiful long-handled whip on me. Already planning for our next session, she wants to spend longer with me … maybe she wants my body and soul … ha-ha, we will see.

This could be one of you someday and all you need to do is be brave, take a breath and make the call. Emily has invited me to have some pictures taken at her apartment before our next session so maybe I will get more than just a spanking next time. Mmm, I do hope so. No did I say that !!!

I look forward to sharing more of my diaries with you soon.

Love Lilly x.