Sometimes I get into trouble for the silliest of things. Only last week I met with a new gentleman called Simon who arrived at the session soberly dressed and quiet in manner. We were soon gettting along fine, and with my naughty sense of humour he became completely relaxed and prepared for a good time. Some nice long OTK spanking got the action started and me warmed up. Then he enthusiastically whipped my warm bum with a flogger, by which time we were both getting right into it.

When the stout leather paddle appeared from his bag, I knew things were about to hot up. With firm strokes of the stiff leather, Simon left me in no doubt of his authoritive side, and soon raised an intense glow on the soft cheeks of my derriere. With a couple of breaks, he continued using the paddle, until grinning with satisfaction, he ended my punishment, saying what a good time he’d had. It’s important to me that visiting gentlemen do have an enjoyable time, so my tender behind was well worth it.

It was when we were having a post-session cuppa that he mentioned an interest in stamp collecting. Well, with my irrepressible sense of fun I piped up with “Oh, isn’t that for kids and geeks?”. I remember his reply “Sometimes the ill-informed think of it in that way”, seemed ominously calm, but knew I had put my foot in it, and was about to suffer the consequences. Hey, that’s me, often in trouble and reminded of the consequences whenever I sit down. He rummaged in his bag and brought out a plimsoll saying “Let’s see if I can teach you something about stamps”.


Plimsolls have a long tradition as a form of punishment, and this one was old with most of the original texture worn off the sole. I tried not to gulp, but that smooth rubber was going to sting.

As he approached with the ‘slipper’ I gulped, twice, three times. Directed to bend over a chair I wished the butterflies doing aerobatics in my stomach would settle. After folding up my skirt Simon stepped away, and a sigh of relief was audible, as my cotton pants were still in place, and would reduce the sting. From the first stroke I was reminded of just how effective a punishment a slipper can deliver. In the pause between each stroke he appraised me of the world of stamp collecting, but I was far too occupied with effect that slipper was having.  There was a long pause, he was silent, I wondered why. Simon said “I asked you a question” . Damn, damn, damn I had missed it. Clearing my throat, and trying to keep an even voice I said “Sorry, what was it you asked?”.

He said nothing, but gripped the waistband of my knickers, stretching them over the curve of my now burning bottom, and tugged the dark blue fabric down to my knees. I could feel the movement of the air, in gentle whisps across the surface of my completely bare bottom, trying not to think of the intense sensation of that rubber sole against soft bare flesh.  “Young lady, you have earned an old-fashioned six-of-the-best.” Well dear reader, I am all for tradition, particularly when it comes to corporal punishment. Simon was true to his word and your favourite girl obediently accepted that well deserved six-of-the-best, and a sharp lesson in manners.

By the time I had finished rubbing my stinging tail, Simon was beaming in satisfaction. “Best session I have had in ages” he said. “I will be back young lady. And if you are cheeky again, you know what will happen.”

That dose of the plimsoll was certainly a powerful incentive to watch my tongue next time I meet simon. But, I am cheeky by nature, and will probably be naughty again, and I like to see a man satisfied. After all naughty girls deserve sore bottoms.

If you want to give me a lesson in discipline, just get in touch, and tell me what you would like. Don’t be shy I’m very broad minded. Remember, I want you to enjoy yourself, there’s never any rush. After all it takes time to deal with a really naughty girl!

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