Hello everyone. OMG I am so happy that the sun is shining again! and slowly but surely, we are returning to back to normal. It is a beautiful thing to now be able to turn my pent-up desires into reality.

I have always been a dreamer, even at boarding school and now I can actually take my daydreams and act them out, I love it…! So, last week was interesting and intriguing at the same time. To help keep myself extremely flexible and in great shape, aside from my Gym workouts, I also practice my Ballet a few times a week. It helps me to hold those enticing positions that my clients love. After my fix of exercise, I take a long relaxing shower, then I take the time to dress in something beautiful and sexy and slip into my ‘Lilly Zone’.

During this week I have seen some lovely clients, taking the time for them to fully explore and enjoy their fantasies. I had one client in particular, who I meet regularly, as she has a soft spot for me – she loves my beautiful figure, face, and naturally submissive nature.

We met at her smart, modern apartment and, after drinks and a chat, we started with some lovely over the knee hand spanking before we moved onto her lovely range of leather paddles. She then had me lay face down on some beautiful silk cushions to use her hand-crafted whips on my back and bottom, where I was able to enter my sub-zone and god, I was in heaven. I think the fact that I love it so much and I am so turned on, just makes my clients so horny, that both of us can enter into a world of escapism and erotic fantasies.

After a great session like this followed by a nice massage, I cannot begin to tell you how naturally high I feel and, now life is going back to normal, I can live my secret double life whenever I feel like it, which gives me a real kick. Just knowing that lots of people are doing boring mundane things and I can think “if you only knew what I am doing!”

I really look forward to possibly exploring your fantasies with you so why not give me a call on 07508 836970, sorry but no withheld numbers will be answered.

Love always

Lilly. x

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