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Here is just a taster, each of these very popular pictures of me has a story all of it's own to tell ...

Perhaps you have something particular you want, just get in touch, and tell me what you would like. Don't be shy I'm very broad minded. Remember, I want you to enjoy yourself, there's never any rush. After all it takes time to deal with a really naughty girl!

Otherwise click on the button below to see when I am available to make your wishes come true.

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Spanking Services for the Discerning

Do you think an hour is too short a time for you to really enjoy yourself ?

So Do I

With me, the sessions are never rushed, with all the time you need to really enjoy the experience.

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Use the contact form or CLICK HERE to request access to my private gallery, which I will send back to you via email, so make sure that this is correct.


4 months ago
Photos from Sensuous Escapes's post

Hello everyone, great to be back sharing my diaries with you! And my goodness hasn’t the weather been fantastic, it is so great to be able to wear some sexy, skimpy summer dresses.

I have been a ... See more

5 months ago

Hello, everyone, it is Lilly, back again with another Day in my Life.

It is great news about the current lockdown restrictions being lifted slowly and safely, soon we can start having some ... See more