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Here are my thoughts, feelings, stories, and perhaps some pictures too of my love of spanking.

So visit her often as I regularly update my Lilly's spanking Blog with new experiences.

A day in the life of Lilly 2

For those who read my previous blog, you will know that I like to start my day with a shot of freshly made Espresso and a great work out at the gym with my personal trainer. Knowing the client that I was due to see, I made sure that I was beautifully dressed in a…

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A day in the life of Lilly.

I wanted to share one of my typical days with you. More often than not, my day starts with a shot of freshly made Espresso coffee, yummy, and then straight off to the gym for a session with my personal trainer. This is an hour of literally pumping and grinding to keep myself in great…

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Take your time.

As a professional model I enjoy elegant and beautiful clothing. When you couple this with the many implements that I have you have the recipe for a beautiful few hours. With me the sessions we have are never rushed as I like to give you the time to fully explore your fantasy. At the end…

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Lilly's Blog from Sensuous Escapes

The Natural Spankee – Being Spanked Naturally

Dear Readers this is where you will soon find accounts of me being spanked, paddled, tawsed and slippered. Not forgetting, those moments when my knickers are down, bending over, anxiously awaiting the cane. As a taster, this very popular picture of me has a story of it’s own. It was a winter’s day with a…

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The Slip that earned a Slippering

Sometimes I get into trouble for the silliest of things. Only last week I met with a new gentleman called Simon who arrived at the session soberly dressed and quiet in manner. We were soon gettting along fine, and with my naughty sense of humour he became completely relaxed and prepared for a good time.…

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4 months ago
Photos from Sensuous Escapes's post

Hello everyone, great to be back sharing my diaries with you! And my goodness hasn’t the weather been fantastic, it is so great to be able to wear some sexy, skimpy summer dresses.

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5 months ago

Hello, everyone, it is Lilly, back again with another Day in my Life.

It is great news about the current lockdown restrictions being lifted slowly and safely, soon we can start having some ... See more